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Technology Integration Professional Development

Technology Integration Professional Development

Author: Brandon Morton

During the month of December, educators will be learning 2-3 more ideas related to Technology Integration in the Classroom through a new Online Professional Development format, and applying those skills to 1 online assessment.

Educators will be learning a little bit more about Technology Integration in the Classroom and from that learning will take the material back to their classroom to be applied.  They will also show their knowledge of what they learned through 1 online assessment.

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Information to Help Get You Started

Please skim through all of the information below first.  Then either dive into the attached agenda and the items listed to learn more or if unsure listen to the Recordings about what the Agenda entails, and the Recordings about the 3 new Technology Web sites that could be beneficial for you and your students.  The links for the material from the agenda are also at the bottom of this page.  Thanks for taking a look to learn more.

Recording of Agenda

Source: Tech Smith, Jing, Screencast

High School Technology Professional Development

December 4 Agenda


Screen Recording of 3 Web sites