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Technology Theories and Models

Technology Theories and Models

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will consider a nontraditional approach to grading, one that is compatible with standards-based teaching.

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Notes on “Technology Theories and Models”


(00:00-00:18) Introduction

(00:19-01:18) Shulman

(01:19-01:59) Danielson

(02:00-03:29) TPACK

(03:30-04:00) SAMR

(04:01-04:49) Theories That Underlie Gamification

(04:50-04:59) Reflection

(05:00-05:28) Conclusion

Additional Resources

As We May Teach: Educational Technology, From Theory Into Practice

This site provides links to podcasts about a joint project with the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI). These podcasts examine models for the use of educational technologies, and how to apply them in teaching via hands-on examples. The site also includes other valuable resources connected to the TPCK framework.

Tablet Technology for Education: Tablet technology in Western Australian public schools

This site connects theory to the design and implementation of tablet technology at the elementary level. The site is broken down into several helpful topics that can serve as useful guides for teachers and schools who are moving toward implementing tablet technology in their classrooms.