Telling Time: Half Past

Telling Time: Half Past

Author: Amanda Haddad
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Get Ready!

Hi Guys!

Before moving on to the next part...

You will need:

-a piece of construction paper


-a crayon

Once you have these materials, click on the video below and continue to follow the page down to find all the directions to today's math lesson and activities.

Work together and always do your very best!

Lesson ~ Half Of An Hour

Your Turn!

To get ready for the next part you will need:

-a mini clock


Once you all have your mini clock ready, watch the video below together and follow the video's directions.



Half Past ~ Practice


Great job so far!

Now just a little quiz...

Scroll up, find the word QUIZ and answer the questions...

Do your very best!


Woohoo! Last step is to do the worksheet practice on your own.

The worksheet is in your folder on the back counter.

Once you are done, turn it in to the inbox.

Great work!!!