Telling Time to the Hour

Telling Time to the Hour

Author: Jill Lubben

To teach first graders how to tell time to the hour.

This lesson will help first graders learn how to tell time to the hour by learning a fun song and playing a game.

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Telling Time to the Hour

The short hand is called the hour hand.  The tall hand is called the minute hand. Today the minute hand will stay on the number 12 and we will focus on the short hand or hour hand. The number that the hour hand points to tells the hour of the day. 

Telling Time -Hour

Teaching time to the hour.

Source: youtube

Match My Clock

The video will have first graders learning about the hour and minute hand on the clock while they match their clock with the song.

Source: Youtube video by Jack Hartman

Telling Time

Students will write the time by the hour in words under each clock.

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