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Tema 3A Vocabulario

Tema 3A Vocabulario


Students will be introduced through a story, to the vocabulary of Tema 3A in their textbook.  They will listen to a young person's day and see all the places that she visits and what she does at each place in the city.

Students will learn the vocabulary from Tema 3A in their textbook, places in the city.

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Tema 3A -- Vocabulario

Students will see how the vocabulary from this chapter is used in context and with the irregular verbs in the preterite.


Source: Script created by K. Pontarelli

Vocabulario del Tema 3A

En esta tutoría, los estudiantes verán cómo usar las nuevas palabras de vocabulario en contexto con los verbos irregulares del pretérito.

Source: Tutorial created by K. Pontarelli

Vocabulario del Tema 3A -- Google Form

Formulario de Google para acompañar la tutoría.

Source: Google form created by K. Pontarelli