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Term 3 2015/2016 (Pop Art and Comic Art-  Textile Printmaking/ Videography)

Term 3 2015/2016 (Pop Art and Comic Art- Textile Printmaking/ Videography)

Author: Kwa Wei Choon

Students will study the work from Marvel Comics/ DC Comics and Pop Artist influence to produce experimental artwork, to recreate their subject/ character that will feature within their comic strip, as well produce a range of screen prints. 

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Example of Weaving Design.

Examples: Stencil reference

Week 8: Stencil Print (Understand the positive & negative shape)

Free stencil template

Step1:photocopy your stencil design and have it transfer to your art paper (any suitable material).

Step2: When constructing your image it is important to remember the fundamentals of a basic stencil, you cannot have any enclosed white spaces or ‘islands’ inside any black areas. Start to 'CUT' with xacto knife.

Step3: Applying your stencil to the area or wherever you are going to spray it, make sure it is as flat against the surface as possible to avoid underspray.

Example student work:

Artist Reference: Andy Warhol (Printing)

Perspective Drawing (Figure)

Task: Drawing a figure with perspective.

BearBrick Design

Redesign the BearBrick with your own design pattern. Please use those template to assist your design. Find out more from other resources.

Pop Art Introduction

Create your own superhero character with add-on values.


Wheel of Emotion