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Term 3 2015/2016 (School Mural & Installation/Site Specific Art)

Term 3 2015/2016 (School Mural & Installation/Site Specific Art)

Author: Kwa Wei Choon

Students will design and create a school mural that will reflect the culture of our school. They will explore the school’s ethos as well as the vision, mission and the core values of Kingsley International School.

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Native Art (Example)

Intro to Graffiti Art

Create simple Matisse "CUT-OUT". Theme : Nature


Week 10-11, Henri Matisse (Introduction)

Week 9- Jen Stark website (Paper Craft)

Jen Stark Reference for ideas.

Week 9-How to generate Patterns (Construction)

Source: Jen Stark's paper art

(Week 8) Quilling Art

Type of design.


Perspective Drawing (Design Thinking)-Building

Apply perspective drawing on building. Redesign the wall of the building according to the theme.

Example: School,College, Restaurant, Hospital and etc. 

Example: Design of the wall.

Layout Design (Week 4)

Example: Design layout to create a fantastic view.

Human Figure (Understand Silhouette/ Shadow)-Week 3

Task: Create a simple silhouette figure with proper action.

Tool: Cutter

Material: Sugar paper.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Introduction to Mural Painting (Pulau Pinang)

Refer to page 5-7, for mural painting on wall.


The Battle of Anghiari (Leonardo)-Mural Painting

Sketching Animal "Horse" based on Leonardo case studies (Week 1).

Task: Draw 2 figure of Horse based on your research.

Modern Mural painting (Pop Art)