Term 3 2015/2016 (Still Life: Contextual Studies)

Term 3 2015/2016 (Still Life: Contextual Studies)

Author: Michael Kwa

Students will learn about art history and study the timeline of Art movements.

They will explore the use of still life within art history and create a series of observational drawing studying from the session. 

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50 Years with Lat

Week 14- Create Greeting Cards with Datuk Lat's caricature (Selamat Hari Aidilfitri)

Example of Datuk Lat caricature sketch.

CA 5- Final Reflection (Still Life)-Final Date: 30 June 2016

Create a "Still Life" Booklet ( A4 size).
Please refer to the notes for ideas.

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Example of Pollock "Drip" method based on empathy wheel.

  • What's Covered

Week 8: Skull Drawing (Art Concept)

Create artwork based on skull concept.


(Week 5 & 6): Animal Drawing- Emphasis on texture

Create artwork based on animal kingdom.

Emphasis on element of art: texture, line and colours.


Subjects:Flowers (Still Life) Week 4

Artis reference:- Frans Ykens

Frans Ykens (Antwerp, 1601 - Brussels, 1693) was a Flemish still life painter who specialised in flower pieces, banquet pieces and garland paintings.

TASK : Create artwork based on Flowers images. Refer to the example.

Apply a proper colours for your work (suggested Watercolor).


Silverware Objects & Porcelain (Week3)

TASK: Draw simple silverware objects. Example: spoon, fork,etc. Household silver including: Tableware, Cutlery or Candlesticks.

 Artist reference: Willem Kalf (Artist reference)-Dutch

Paul Cezanne Introduction

Task 2: Drawing "APPLES" (Application on Tone & Colours)

Task 1: Drawing Shapes and Forms (Application on Value)

Still Life Drawing Introduction