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Terrible Tudors

Terrible Tudors

Author: James Campbell

This introduction to the topic is to be undertaken at home. Please go through all of what is here. The theme for history over the next few weeks will be the Terrible Tudors! Get your parents involved, have a discussion, and come to class ready to share what you already know and what we want to find out! I am excited to learn from you all, and we will have fun writing a historical recount of the Tudors in our groups.

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Welcome to the Terrible Tudors!

Hello class,

Welcome to the topic of the 'Terrible Tudors' for our next instalment of History lessons. Please go through the presentation below, and take a look at the family tree too. Once you have done both of these, and followed instructions given, have a go at the quiz! The quiz is only to see what you understood, the mark of the quiz will not be counted.

Get ready to discuss with everyone, and have a 'Terrible Tudor' time!

Mr C

Tudor Monarchs Presentation

Please begin here. This presentation will give you a quick introduction to each of the Tudor Monarchs.

Remember, if you wish to know more, conduct further research for extra Dojo's, or log your questions in your topic question book and bring to our discussion!


Tudor Family Tree

This family tree shows the Tudor monarchs. Remember last term when we learnt about family trees and how to read them? Time to reach into our knowledge bank!