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 Testing Water for Phosphorus Using the Hach PO-14 Kit

Testing Water for Phosphorus Using the Hach PO-14 Kit

Author: Dave Johnson

To learn how to use the Hach PO-14 test kit to determine the amount of phosphorus in a water sample.


Why is phosphorus important?

Both phosphorus and nitrogen are essential nutrients for the plants and animals that make up the aquatic food web. Since phosphorus is the nutrient in short supply in most fresh waters, even a modest increase in phosphorus can, under the right conditions, set off a whole chain of undesirable events in a stream including accelerated plant growth, algae blooms, low dissolved oxygen, and the death of certain fish, invertebrates, and other aquatic animals.

There are many sources of phosphorus, both natural and human. These include soil and rocks, wastewater treatment plants, runoff from fertilized lawns and cropland, failing septic systems, runoff from animal manure storage areas, disturbed land areas, drained wetlands, water treatment, and commercial cleaning preparations.


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How to test for phosphate using the Model PO-14 Hach Test Kit

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Hach PO-14 Testing Kit Instructions


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