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4 Tutorials that teach Texture, Tactility
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Texture, Tactility

Texture, Tactility

Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will explore texture as an element of composition.

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French Ambassadors, Creative Commons Wikimedia, , Still Life; Public Domain:, Van Gogh, Field with Crows, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Meret Oppenheim Fur Breakfast, fair use according to Wikipedia,, Bernini, portrait of Louis XIV, Creative Commons Wikimedia,

Terms to Know

The visible mark of the paintbrush on the surface of a painting.


The thick buildup of paint, usually oil or acrylic, on the surface of a painting.

Mixed Media

Any type of art that combines different artistic media.


A style of painting (such as Impressionism) that emphasizes the brushstroke and action of applying paint to surface.


How the surface of a work of art would feel if one could touch it, or its visible tactile qualities.