The 1960s and The Wednesday Wars

The 1960s and The Wednesday Wars

Author: Emily Hurst

At the end of this unit of study, students will understand the different events occurring in the 1960s and their impact on the family in The Wednesday Wars novel. 

After watching the tutorial, students will choose one event from the 1960s to research and then create a two minute presentation on the event for the class.


During this unit of study, students will learn about events of the 1960s. Students will research an event and present their findings to the class. These presentations will serve as background knowledge for students as they read the novel The Wednesday Wars.   

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Complete the KWL chart before you being.  Fill out the K and W part of the chart.  View the videos below. Choose an event that occurred in the 1960's.  You will be researching this topic and creating a short two-minute presentation, using the delivery method of your choice.  After you have seen all of your class presentation, you will complete the last section of your KWL chart.  

Here are a few types of presentations you may create( feel free to choose any type even if it is not listed here):

Slide show




Newspaper or Magazine Article

1960s KWL chart

KWL Chart- Complete the first two sections before watching the video.

Full Screen

A Look Back At The 1960s

The Early Show looks back a the decades in American history. This episode is the 1960's.

Source: www.youtube.com