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The 3 Cs: Cold War, Communism, and Civil Rights, Part I

The 3 Cs: Cold War, Communism, and Civil Rights, Part I

Author: Kishanna Brown

Students will:

  • describe the concept of a cold war; 
  • describe the origins of communism;
  • identify how the Cold War shaped America's decisions to interfere with global issues; and,
  • examine how the Cold War shaped Presidents Eisenhower's and Kennedy's domestic and foreign policies.


The purpose of this lesson is to explore how American's democratic ideals were challenged at home and abroad after World War II?   In doing so, students will demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, economic, political, social and technological developments from 1950 to 1963.

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The Cold War Basics

Vocabulary Review

Before you begin, describe the following terms using a thesaurus, a dictionary, or an e-dictionary:

  1. Cold War
  2. Communism
  3. Proletariat
  4. ​Bourgeoisie
  5. Aggression



The Beginning of the Cold War

As you watch this video, take notes in your journals.

The Truman Doctrine

The Marshall Plan

The the following article about the Marshall Plan:

Pageant Chapter 36

Use Pageant Chapter 36 to complete the Cold War questions. The questions are located underneath the pdf chapter.


Source: American Pageant, 14th Edition

Cold War and Communism Activity Response Sheet


Source: Google Forms

Chapter 37 from Pageant "Eisenhower Era"


The 1950s Woman

View the following PBS Film, The Makers: The Women Who Made America.  Only view the first installment of the film, which is about one hour long, "The Awakening"Describe in detail the impact of the following on women of the 1950s:

  • post-war shifts for women
  • Feminine Mystique
  • Shifting of Societal roles of women in America
  • Birth of the modern-day feminist movement

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Enter LBJ