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The Art of Rowing

The Art of Rowing


To understand the sport of rowing/crew

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Good evening everyone!

Tomorrow in class we will be learning a relatively new sport to most of us, Rowing.  Before class, I want all of you to have a decent amount of background knowledge about the sport.     



Below are some videos and vocabulary terms which will help you get a better understanding of the sport.  After watching the videos I have provided for you, there is a short multiple choice and open ended quiz for you to complete.  Tomorrow in class, we will go over the quiz and head into the sport of rowing in more depth!!  


Inspirential Rowing Video

This Is Why We Row is a short clip to demonstrate what a Regatta (crew race) is actually like!

Vocabulary: The Stroke

Key vocabulary terms to develop a proper stroke:


Pick Drill: a rapid stroke where rowers use only their arms and minimal pressure.

Body Angle: amount of forward lean of a rowers body from the hips

Catch: the point of the stroke cycle at which the blade enters the water.

Finish: the last part of the drive in the stroke cycle.  The point at which the rower pulls the oar to the body with the arms. 

Layback: the amount of backward lean of a rowers body at the finish of the drive. 

Leg drive: power applied to the stroke, at the catch, by the force of driving the legs down. 

Rate: number of strokes per minute

Recovery: the part of the stroke cycle from the finish to the catch

Drive: the part of the stroke cycle from the catch to the finish



Erg Demo

This is a personal video that I made to show the cycle of the stroke on an erg. An erg is an indoor rowing machine which stimulates rowing on the water. An erg is able to calculate your strength while rowing.

How To Row on an Erg

This video demonstrates a step by step side view of what erging should look like!

Crew Quiz