The assignment is to choose and investigate a peer-reviewed article from a professional

The assignment is to choose and investigate a peer-reviewed article from a professional

Author: Emma Drink


The assignment is to choose and investigate a peer-reviewed article from a professional journal related to solid waste management. The object of your critique is to describe how the article followed or failed to follow the criteria for good research. Speculate on which of the writer's conclusions were warranted and which were not.
Please include the following topics in your critique:
* A brief introduction to the article
* A statement of the research problem
* A description of the research procedures
* Any flaws in the procedural design
* An analysis of the data, and 
* Limited and justifiable conclusions.

Your critique should be at least two full pages of text in 12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, not including title or reference page. Please include an APA-style reference for the article (that include in-text and reference page) that you are reviewing. The article you select for this critique should be less than five years old (no older than 2011) and should be at least five pages long. The critique will be scanned through plagiarism software so original work is expected. Please avoid long direct quotes as they tend to raise the report during the scan even if referenced. 

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