The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain

Author: Ethan Ramsey

How Churchill rallied a nation in the wake of Nazi oppression to save the free world. 

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Rallying the People

Though the escape from Dunkirk was a miracle for the British, it still marked the fall of France. The Nazi war machine appeared unstoppable, and the only thing that stood in its way of conquering Europe was Great Britain. The island nation needed a leader, and they needed to look no further than their prime minister, Winston Churchill. His speech, delivered after France had fallen, helped to rally the British people with the resolve that enabled them to endure the intense bombing by the Nazis. 

Battle of Britain

The Nazis engaged Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) in the air and launched a merciless bombing campaign on London, but the British people, led by Churchill, refused to surrender. By not surrendering, Britain remained a vital ally to the United States, who would enter the war in December, 1941. Together, these two nations, combined with the Soviet Union, would crush Nazi oppression across the continent.