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The Best Face Masks for Coronavirus Protection in 2021

The Best Face Masks for Coronavirus Protection in 2021

Author: June McCrary

In today's conditions, a protective mask is a must-have item, because without it you can't go to the store or pharmacy, get a parcel at the post office, or ride public transportation. Covid-19 does not give up its speed, so now a mask is a vital accessory. They were formerly used to express themselves, to show “Hey, everybody, pay attention to me!” Now this element is a way to keep yourself healthy, and keep family and friends safe from this unrelenting virus. So, follow the tips below to be protected to the max.

How to Choose The Best Cloth Face Masks
When buying a face accessory, pay attention to several factors:
Accessories for everyday use are different. Various conditions of usage, different requirements for safety and sterility, which means that masks should be of different protection categories. The safest are cloth ones and respirators.
It includes the air permeability of the product, i.e. how easy it is to breathe in it. It is important to ensure that the item fits well on the face, does not press in the attachment points, and doesn't squeeze the nasal septum.

Cloth Face Mask Recommendations
The level of protection is also quite essential. The simplest accessories, for example a gauze fabric or reusable medical face mask, may be plain rectangular or “petal” shaped.

FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 respirators are designed to protect the breathing organs against fine particulate matter, against aerosols, bacterial and viral infections. FFP1 is the lowest class of biological protection, sufficient for domestic use. FFP3 is the highest level of protection, recommended for wear by healthcare personnel who come into direct contact with carriers of airborne viral infections.

The level of protection depends on factors such as material quality, filtration level, and tightness of fit to the face. Watch this video to find out more about who and what protection levels should wear according to the WHO recommendations.

The Best Face Masks to Buy
The perfect way to get yourself in the mood is to choose cool face mask designs. That way, you can cheer yourself and those around you. Use this great selection of the best medical masks with design to any taste and choose what you prefer the most. Don't forget that an unusual accessory doesn't have to be expensive. Focus on levels of protection, design, and comfort.

The Best No-Sew DIY Face Masks to Make
Now the laziest person hasn't tried to make a mask with their own hands. For sewing, you will not need any super unusual materials that are difficult to find. But how to make an effective accessory? What materials to choose? These questions can be answered with this short video tutorial. A few minutes and you already know how to make a creative mask with your own hands. A long-term wear and simple care is assured.

How to Wear and Put On a Face Mask

  1. Wash your hands with soap or an alcohol-containing product before you put on the mask.
  2. Put it on so that it covers your nose and mouth and fits closely to the face.
  3. Change the mask every 2 to 4 hours.
  4. Remember that you cannot reuse a disposable item.
  5. Try not to touch the front of the accessory when removing it.
  6. When you take it off, throw it away and wash your hands.

How Do I know if my Face Mask Fits?
Make sure you cover the nose and mouth fully. Also, ensure that the mask doesn't graze you.

How Do I Wear a Face Mask With Glasses?
If you wear a medical protective accessory, fold the top edge of it inward before using it. Then put the glasses on so that they lie on top of the mask. Frequently a medical mask comes with the necessary clip, press it down and that's all.

Do Masks Protect You or Others?
Masks are primarily needed to avoid infecting others. After all, even if you don't have a symptom, the virus may be already in the organism. 

To Sum Up...
Wear face accessories that will brightly complement the outfits, look cool and maximize protection from viruses. MasterBundles tips are sure to help you choose and wear this accessory. Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

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