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The best places to find information for written work

The best places to find information for written work

Author: ligo ligo

In university, the topics of written work are often approved in advance, they are not interesting and have no practical meaning. Students use online dissertation writing services and custom dissertation services to help them finish those tasks. But sometimes there are teachers who encourage creative work or topics that are asked to be explored. Where to look for quality and, moreover, free information?

Search engines

Earlier, there were a lot of search engines for Ph.D. dissertation writing services and scientific publications, the most famous - Scirus, GetCITED, and Google Scholar. However, now their number has dropped significantly. The main advantage of such services is convenience because all the necessary information is collected in one place from different sources and separate publications. Just create the right query and then just select the resources you need.

1. Google Scholar

The service is created on the basis of the search giant Google, which finds information on all topics, time periods, disciplines and can find custom dissertation writing services, that help students all the time! The search is divided into Articles and Litigation and can be found by keyword or title. In general, it is very convenient to use this service; it quickly and efficiently collects information in the public domain.

However, there are significant drawbacks. First, the keywords are articles from all disciplines, so you will have to spend time searching for sources in this field to write political science articles. Secondly, Google Scholar does not display access to the material - so you never know if it is full, or there is only a brief annotation.

2. Microsoft Academic

Microsoft's search service was significantly refreshed a year ago and is now gaining popularity. Of the three, this resource is the only one that focuses not on keywords but on semantic search, that is, the content of the query. For example, the trending search query in most systems will analyze sources for how often these words are used. Semantic search analyzes that spinner is an anti-stress agent, and trend means popularity and prevalence. In this way, Microsoft Academic will try to find information about the popularity of anti-stress agents.

This service also collects information about authors, affiliated organizations, publications, and any resources that contain material. It is currently the most functional, though not the most popular.

Electronic libraries

These resources collect information from individual sources, making it easier to find industry-specific materials. Most libraries search for keyword information. As with major search engines, information is sorted by time and type of publication, but each of the libraries has its own characteristics.

3. Taylor & Francis

The T&F site says more than 3.5 million publications have been collected here. That is why dozens of freely available resources can be found on any request. For convenience, a separate page lists all the references used by the authors of the particular work. It's easy to look for information in the social sciences here, but you can also find plenty of resources in medicine and IT.

4. Oxford University Press

This resource has collected English-language articles from magazines published by Oxford. You can easily find how to write an annotated bibliography step by step. The resource covers various topics: from law to botany, from medicine to pedagogy. In addition to normal sorting, resources are divided by access type: readily available on the site, readable, purchasable, and only available for a limited period of time. The advantage is that you can specify specific logs - this greatly narrows the search box.

5. Cambridge University Press

Cambridge takes care of easy access to science, so their publishers have articles from magazines for all issues. Not all of them are freely available, but if they are already available, you can view, download and send them to your mail or even an e-book right away. The site is convenient to use not only for search but also for proper citation: all the necessary information is in the description of materials.

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