The biggest disadvantage of observation research is that it:

The biggest disadvantage of observation research is that it:

Author: Emma Drink


The biggest disadvantage of observation research is that it:tends to be extremely expensive.yields little or no insight into the motivation behind theobserved behavior.generates secondary data rather than primary data.focuses on what people say rather than what they actuallydo.4 points1.Question 2A well-chosen target market embodies the following characteristics:size, profitability, accessibility, and limitedcompetition.size, limited profitability, accessibility, andcompetition.limited size, profitability, accessibility, and intensecompetition.size, profitability, limited accessibility, and intensecompetition.4 points1.Question 3All of the following are outcomes associated with changes in digitaltechnology and the rise of the Internet EXCEPT:mass customization.cognitive dissonance.new types of promotional tools andmethods.a shift in power from producers tocustomers.4 pointsQuestion 41.The relevant concept of value in marketing is based on the:objective measure of quality exclusively.customer's belief that a product has a better relationship than itscompetitors between the cost and the benefits.ability to buy the product at the lowest possible cost irrespective of thedecrease in quality.form utility of the product.4 points1.Question 5Jesse is the marketing manager for a large Midwest-based producer offood products. He is in the process of developing the __________, which takesinto consideration the marketing strategies for product, price, promotion, andplace.competitive mixvalue chainmarketingenvironmentmarketing mix4 pointsQuestion 61.When Suzanne was shopping for school supplies in the mall, she wasapproached by a woman with a clipboard, asking questions about herpreference for jeans. Therefore, Suzanne is part of __________ research.secondaryunobtrusivesurveyobservation4 pointsQuestion 71.A key to successful customer relationship management is to:develop marketing strategies that are universal.collect, manage, and apply the right data at the right time to the rightcustomer.help customers identify new needs-even if they are met by other firms.focus most marketing resources on the pricing and distribution functionsof the marketing mix.4 pointsQuestion 81.Rapid improvements in digital technology and the rise in Internetusage over the past 20 years have:shifted the balance of power away from customers and towardproducers.decreased the costs of marketing new products and services.increased the costs of distributing new products and services.contributed to a movement away from mass customization and towarddemographic marketing exclusively.4 pointsQuestion 91.Which of the following scenarios exemplifies green marketing?Janet sells home-made pickles andjams.Claire sells solar-powered jackets.Sam volunteers at a local self-helpgroup.Christine gives money to a nonprofitorganization.4 points1.Question 10Psychographic segmentation is the:category that includes the benefits that consumers seek from productsand how consumers use the product.vital starting point for most efforts to segment B2B markets but isseldom used in B2C market.division of the market based on consumer characteristics such as age,ethnicity, and gender.category used to complement other types of market segmentation inB2C markets.4 points1.

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