The Black Cat

The Black Cat

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The Black Cat Lesson

Hello class! Tonight I your assignment will be to watch the video I have posted of "The Black Cat". This is Edgar Allan Poe's most popular horror story. Now we have already read "The Tell Tale Heart" in class so I want you guys to actually watch this video of "The Black Cat". When you have finished watching this video I want you to summarize the important plot events in the story and then ask a question about the story. The question can be one that you yourself have about the story or one that you think one of your classmates might have. So this is what I expect for you to have completed for tomorrow's class:

1. Watch the video "The Black Cat".

2. Complete W.S.Q. after you have watched the video.

3. Take the quiz I have created at the bottom of this page. 

See you tomorrow! Enjoy the video!

Mr. Scotto di Carlo

The Black Cat