The Butterfly Cycle

The Butterfly Cycle

Author: Rocelia Granado

Second Grade (Science) 

2. Plants and animals have predictable life cycles. As a basis for understanding this concept:

b.Students know the sequential stages of life cycles are different for different animals, such as butterflies, frogs, and mice.

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The Butterfly Life Cycle!

Source: The Butterfly Life Cycle! (n.d.). Retrieved May 09, 2016, from http://www.ngkids.co.uk/science-and-nature/butterfly-life-cycle

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

This video will allow you to learn all about the butterfly cycle and help you remember what steps everything occurs in.

Source: S. (2015, November 17). Life Cycle of a Butterfly. Retrieved April 09, 2016, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1S8WzwLPlM

​The Big Question:

What are the different steps of the butterfly cycle? Write a paragraph in your science journal explaining the order in which metamorphosis takes place. Make sure to use descriptive and transition sentences. When you have completed your response, place it in our "work station" basket.