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The C3 Matrix

The C3 Matrix


In this lesson, you will be introduced to Dr. Pruitt-Mentle's framework for digital citizenship and learn about the key components of the C3 matrix to evaluate the online work of students.

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Digital Citizenship

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Notes on "The C3 Matrix"

(00:00-00:07) Intro

(00:08-00:23) Objectives

(00:24-03:30) C3 Matrix Overview

(03:31-05:54) C3 Matrix: Cyber Ethics

(05:55-06:25) C3 Matrix: Cyber Security

(06:26-07:03) C3 Matrix: Cyber Safety

(07:04-07:28) Review

(07:29-08:10) Reflection

Additional Resources

The C3 Matrix Manual

The iKeepSafe Digital Citizenship C3 Matrix supports teachers in integrating cyber-safety,cyber-security, and cyber-ethics (C3) into existing technology and literacy standards and curricula. Teachers can use the framework to align lessons to the three Cs and to evaluate students on each competency with the easy to use rubric.


National C3 Baseline Study: State of Cyberethics, Safety and Security Awareness in US Schools

This resources highlights and data from the study on the state of the 3 Cs in Education with findings and recommendations. Educators can use this research project to establish their own baseline in their district. From the local results, educators can create an action plan to increase student competency with the 3 Cs.