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The California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush

Author: Samantha Mireles

Objective: Students will be able to develop a historical perspective on why settlers moved west. This will include their motivation as well as a practical look at their options.
Standards: 4.3 Students explain the economic, social, and political life in California from the establishment of the Bear Flag Republic through the Mexican-American War, the Gold Rush, and the granting of statehood.
1. Identify the locations of Mexican settlements in California and those of other settlements, including Fort Ross and Sutter’s Fort.
2. Compare how and why people traveled to California and the routes they traveled (e.g., James Beckwourth, John Bidwell, John C. Fremont, Pio Pico).
3. Analyze the effects of the Gold Rush on settlements, daily life, politics, and the physical environment (e.g., using biographies of John Sutter, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Louise Clapp).

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The "Big Question"

What was the California Gold Rush and what impact did it have on California? Why do you think so many people came to look for gold? If you were alive then, do you think you would have come? Why or why not? Please use examples from sources we’ve used in our study of the time, and from your own observations and experiences as a risk-taker.

Please Write your response and bring it to class with you tomorrow! (: