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The California Northwest Indian Tribes

The California Northwest Indian Tribes

Author: Susan Shelton

Standard: H/SS.3.2. -  Students describe the American Indian nations in their local region long ago and in the recent past. 1. Discuss the ways in which physical geography, including climate, influenced how the local Indian nations adapted to their natural environment (e.g., how they obtained food, clothing, tools). 

Photo by Dan Keller - Hupa Indian

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Read, watch, and listen to the following three resources and answer the questions. 

The Northwest California Indian Tribe - Chilula

Read about the Chilula Tribe. Scroll down as you read. Pay attention to the natural resources that the Chilula tribe uses from their geographic area. 

The Hupa Tribe

The Hupa tribe were neighbors to the Chillula tribe in the Northwest region of California. Check out their natural resources. Were they similar of different?

Mrs. Shelton's 3rd Grade Class - Northwest California Indian Tribes

Please listen to this program. Follow my directions in the program. Use paper and pencil to take notes. (Ignore the part about being absent from class.)

              Big Question

What natural resources in the Northwest California geographic area were used to meet the tribes' basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and travel?

Write your answer on lined paper. Your answer must be written in at least 4 complete sentences. Bring your completed paper to school tomorrow for our discussion.