The Caste System in India

The Caste System in India

Author: Clayton Canon

1.  I CAN explain the struggle for Civil Liberties under the Caste System in India.

2.  I CAN compare the struggle for Civil Liberties in India to that of 1 other country or region of the Eastern Hemisphere

3.  I CAN compare the struggle for Civil Liberties in India to that of the United States.

This activity is a quick overview of the Caste System.

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The Caste System is a social structure from India that separates people into groups based on the class into which they were born.  The picture below illustrates they Caste System.

The Caste System is comprised of 4 primary groups:

  1. The Priests were the most powerful, and smallest, group.
  2. The Warriors and Rulers were the next most influential group.
  3. Merchants and Farmers were next in line.
  4. Common Workers and peasants rounded out the bottom.

The Untouchables are made up of those who do not fit into any of the other groups

Watch this video to learn a little more about each of India's Castes

This video gives more detail about each of the Caste groups of India


Really think about what you have learned through this activity.  Tomorrow we will talk about how the caste system compares to today.  We will also discuss it it compares and contrasts to the class system that we have in the United States.