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The CCPS Instructional Technology Site

The CCPS Instructional Technology Site

Author: Jeanne Mayo

The objective of this tutorial is to familiarize  staff members with the resources on the Instructional Technology Blog as well as the process for having new tools and resources approved through the Tech Request System.

The Instructional Technology Blog is a wealth of information on the best practices for using web 2.0 tools as well as the policies involved when using tools within the classroom in Carroll County Public Schools. This tutorial will walk students through how to access the site, the different components of the site, and how to make a technology request on the site.

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There are many things to be considered when using a web 2.0 tool with students. One must read the terms of use to discover if using the tool adheres to the policies set up by Carroll County Public Schools as well as know the best practices when implementing the application in the classroom. Fortunately the Department of Curriculum and Instruction has a process in place to approve tools and help teachers learn the best practices when using them.

This tutorial will provide an introduction to the Instructional Technology SIte  as well as a step by step guide which demonstrated how you can have a new tool or resource approved through the Tech Request System.

The Instructional Technology Website and the Tech Request System

A view of the Instructional Technology Website and a step by step look at how to put in a Tech Request.

Source: J. Mayo

The CCPS Tech Request Workflow

Watch the video at this link to learn more about the work flow of the Technology Request System.

Source: Ashmore, Darby. Technology Services. Carroll County Public Schools, 18 Nov. 2013

Time to Explore

Take some time to explore the Instructional Technology Website.  Once you are done looking around, take the quiz above on the right to see what you learned.

What Did You Learn?

Answer the reflection questions for this tutorial here.    Once these have been answered you final step will be to complete the feedback form in the next session.