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The Cell Cycle

The Cell Cycle

Author: Gerald Carey

To present the main features of the Cell Cycle.

Students copy down the information on a large sheet of paper.
The main features are drawn in a circular diagram and students add key steps in their own drawings.
Hence I can go through:
* the four phases of the cycle
* what happens during mitosis
* the role of checkpoints
* the role of mitosis promoting factors
* the role of inhibitors
* cancer
in separate stages, which should result in less confusion for students.

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The Cell Cycle (for Senior Biology Students)

This is a file that I use with my Senior Biology students to understand the Cell Cycle.
I get them to draw what appears on the screen.
In the end, they should understand what happens during the four phases of the cycle, what can assist the cycle and what can inhibit it.

Source: This is all my own work although based on the SACE Biology Course here in South Australia. Phases of mitosis are from