The Clean Sweep

The Clean Sweep

Author: Kellee Knutson
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When to Use the Apostrophe - Laura McClure


Day One - You must view the first three videos ("The Clean Sweep", Types of Conflict, and Sequence of Events and Signal Words/Phrases) in this tutorial and take detailed notes on your Terms List.

Day Two - You must view the video Punctuating Possessive Nouns Correctly, take detailed notes on your Terms List, and complete the quiz on the right side of this tutorial.

Source: Kellee Knutson


  • identify different types of conflict in a work of literature.
  • identify  signal words to help me understand the sequence of events in chronological order.

Source: Kellee Knutson

"The Clean Sweep"

This video corresponds with pages 62-73 in your textbook.

Source: Kellee Knutson

Sequence of Events and Signal Words/Phrases

We use the term signal words in our class, but order words is used as a synonym in this video.

Punctuating Possessives Nouns Correctly

This video corresponds with the bottom of page 75 in your textbook and pages 37-39 in the Grammar Workbook folder on your Drive.

Source: Kellee Knutson