The Cold War

The Cold War

Author: Sebastian Nava
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California State Standard

10.9.2: Analyze the causes of the Cold War, with the free world on one side and Soviet client states on the other, including competition for influence in such places as Egypt, the Congo, Vietnam, and Chile.

Essential Questions

1. Do you think that the Cold War could have been avoided? if not who was more at fault the USSR or the United States?


2. In your opinion was the Cold War conflict worth the efforts the United States made? Did anything good come from it?

Crash Course: The Cold War

Watch this short video for a quick recap on the cold war.

CNN Interactive website

On this website you will be able to navigate different events of the Cold War. Do some exploring and good research to find what you may need to be able to answer the essential question and the quiz questions. Make sure to read the following:

1. Use the Knowledge Bank to read about: The Marshall plan, Nikita Khrushchev, Ronald Regan, Joseph Stalin, John F Kennedy

2.Use the technology tab and click on "An Excerise In Alternate History"





Cold War- The History Channel

Use this website( http://www.history.com/topics/cold-war)  to explore the following topics:

  • The Arms Race
  • The Red Scare
  • The formation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  • Korean War
  • Space Race
  • Domino Theory
  • Cuban Missile Crisis