The Color Wheel!

The Color Wheel!

Author: Amanda Bye
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Hello Class!

Colors are all around us! From the clothes we wear and the colors we paint our houses to the colors in nature, we see color everyday! Colors are one of the first things our parents teach us when we are little! But did you know that we have a special way of arrange colors called the color wheel? Tonight we are going to learn about the color wheel!

Watch this video to meet Joe and learn about the color wheel!

Color Wheel Vocabulary

Primary colors: The three colors that we cannot mix to create. These colors are Red, Blue, and Yellow

Secondary colors: the colors we can create by mixing primary colors. These colors are Orange, Green, and Purple

Warm colors: the colors that remind us of warm things. Red, Orange and Yellow are examples of warm colors

Cool colors: The colors that remind us of cold things. Blue, Green, and Purple are examples of cool colors



The Basic Color Wheel

Please pay attention while you watch this video about the basic color wheel!

Fun Fact:

Did you know you could have a job as an interior designer?

Interior designers decorate the inside of houses! It is important for an interior designer to know about the special moods and feelings colors give us! This can help them when they pick a color to paint a room or a piece of furniture. Here are some colors that interior designers might choose to paint certain rooms: