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The Colors (Los Colores)

The Colors (Los Colores)

  • After learning and practicing words for colors in Spanish, students will gain skill in correctly using adjectives and their placement when modifying Spanish nouns.


  • Students will be encouraged to think creatively about colors, create new names for colors (in Spanish), compose simple color poems in English that explain the effects of certain colors on the senses (my color looks like…, my color smells like…) and then translate their own work into Spanish.


  • Students should be encouraged to read these creations to their classmates. More advanced students should be encouraged to write more sophisticated poems personifying their selected new colors.

1. After teaching and/or reviewing color words in the
Spanish language, provide samples of noun-adjective 
pairings on the board or a chart or with mix-and-match
word strips. (red apple = la manzana roja, blue book 
= el libro azul, etc.) Ask students to identify what
happens to the adjective when changing from 
English to Spanish. 

2. Check for understanding of noun-adjective 
relationships by having students use or make Spanish
word cards so they mix and match nouns and colors in
the proper order. Ask students (or partner groups) to
recite selected constructions and translate into English
for their classmates. 

3. Explain to the class that they will be inventing new
names for colors. Display the paint samples and 
let students choose several on which to reflect about
the descriptive names. 

4. Ask the students to choose one paint sample and
 use it as the basis of a simple poem in English. 
Encourage the use of phrases instead of simple nouns.

[My color]...
looks like ______________________________.
sounds like_____________________________.
smells like______________________________. 
tastes like______________________________.
feels like_______________________________.
reminds me of___________________________.

5. Allow students to work with partners, if they prefer,
and to use all available resources to assist with 
translating their poem into Spanish. Encourage oral
sharing, in Spanish, with classmates.


I used this website for my whole lesson:

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Help students build a Spanish vocabulary by identifying color words (adjectives) and using them to correctly modify Spanish nouns. This activity can be modified and bolstered to accommodate several different levels of language instruction and student ages or to meet individual student learning needs.

Canto de Los Colores

This video is very catchy and helps students learn their colors through the use of repeating phrases and vocabulary. Come on sing-a-long with us!

Source: Youtube- Calico Spanish