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2 Tutorials that teach The Components and Process of Teacher Evaluation 2
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The Components and Process of Teacher Evaluation 2

The Components and Process of Teacher Evaluation 2

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, teachers will examine the componets of the most common teacher evaluation models.

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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

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Notes on "The Components and Process of Teacher Evaluation 2"


(00:00 - 00:11) Introduction

(00:12 - 00:37) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:38 - 01:54) Student Achievement and Growth Data

(01:55 - 02:54) Student Surveys

(02:55 - 03:55) Professional Growth Goals

(03:56 - 04:33) Feedback

(04:34 - 05:15) What Did You Learn Today?

(05:16 - 05:41) Reflection

Additional Resources

The Key to Changing the Teaching Profession: What Research Says About… / Using Value-Added Measures to Evaluate Teachers

This ASCD article explores the potential for value added models in determining teacher effectiveness based upon student growth data.

New Study Strikes Latest Blow Against ‘Value Added’ Teacher Evaluation

This article from the National Education Association examines a recent research study conducted by the American Education Research Association which indicates that Value Added Models are inconclusive in predicting teacher effectiveness and result in unfair evaluation measures.