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The Coordinate Plane

The Coordinate Plane

Author: Kendra Wheeler

To understand the different parts of a coordinate plane. Being able to identify order pairs using the coordinate plane.

In this packet you will see examples on how to label a coordinate plane and how to plot points using your order pairs. Also there will be examples on how to find an order pair given the coordinate plane.

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Terms Used in this Learning Packet:

Coordinate Plane: A horizontal number line called x-axis and a vertical line called y-axis with 4 quandrants.

Order Pair: On the coordinate plane , the pair of numbers giving the location of a point. Shown as ( x, y ).

Quadrant: Any quarter of the coordinate plane divided by the x and y axis.

   - Quadrant I: is where the x and y variables are both positive

   - Quadrant II: is where the x variable is negative and the y variable is positive

   - Quadrant III: is where the x and y variables are both negative

   - Quadrant IV: is where the x variable is positive and the y variable is negative

Origin: The point of intersection of the x and y axis on a coordinate plane. The order pair of the origin is ( 0, 0 ).

X-axis: Is the horizontal line and is used to locate the values of x in the order pair.

Y- axis: Is the vertical line and is used to locate the values of y in the order pair.

The Coordinate Plane

Understanding the different parts to a coordinate plane.

Graphing on coordinate plane using order pairs

Graphing on the coordinate plane giving order pairs and identifying order pairs even a point on a the coordinate plane.


More practice on the coordinate plane.

If you want more practice, here is a very helpful website I would encourage you to visit!