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The Coordinate Plane, Graphing using Intercepts and using Linear Equations.

The Coordinate Plane, Graphing using Intercepts and using Linear Equations.

Author: Sara Gorsuch

To explain what the coordinate plane is, what it is all about, who came up with it and who uses it in real life! To give good examples of how to graph on the coordinate plane using intercepts and using Linear equations.

this packet goes through the history of the history of the coordinate plane, how to graph on it and definitions of all the things that go along with a coordinate plane!

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The Coordinate Plane.


POINTS: The ordered pair coordinates are called a point, it is used in order to point plots, so we can create lines and even shapes!

The first number in the pair is the x, this x is replaced with a number and describes if you go left or if you go right on the x axis. When a negative number is representing the x you will move towards the left, if it is a positive number representing the x you will move towards the right. 

The second number is the y coordinate. This indicates if you move up or if you move down. If the number representing the y is negative then you move down and if the number representing the y is a positive number you move up!

(X,Y) ---------> this is what the coordinate point looks like. 

these points describe where the points cross the x axis and where the points cross the y axis. 


To easily understand this plane it is described in four quadrants. Quadrant one, inside which both the x and y values are all positive. Quadrant two, inside which the y value is positive and the x value is negative. Quadrant three, inside which both the x and y values are negative. Finally quadrant four inside which the x value is positive and the y value is negative.  

Coordinate Plane: This is formed by a horizontal number line named the x-axis, labeled with an x and a vertical number line named the y-axis, labeled with a y. These two Axes intersect at the middle point which is called the origin

Where did this crazy idea come from?

This thought came to a philosopher,mathematician and physicist named Rene Descartes who was dubbed the father of modern philosophy and lived in the 1600's. He was laying in his bed one night gazing at the ceiling sleepless watching flies crawl across the tiles when he realized that he would describe exactly where these flies were using the intersecting tiles. He is credited for this idea, and it is often called the cartesian coordinate system!

Not only does this plane make it easier to pinpoint where things are but it helps us to better understand a two variable equation!

What do you do with a coordinate plane?

You can figure out points when they are already plotted and how to plot points various ways including graphing using intercepts and graphing using linear equations. 

Who uses this stuff in their jobs?

Architects, every type of Engineers, Accountants, Airplane Pilots, Biological and Medical Scientists. Atmospheric, Chemist and materials Scientists, Physicists and Astronomers, Computer Programmers, Mathematicians,  Market and Survey Researchers, Urban and Regional Planners, Librarians, Teachers, Chiropractor, Dentists, Optometrists, Physicians and Surgeons, Health Technicians, Forest, Conservation and Logging workers, Human Resources, Store Clerks, Electricians, Financial Managers, Administrative Managers, Almost ANY business job. 

That is not even to name all of them the point of naming all the ones that i did is to show this is something you should thoroughly know! You will use it ANYWHERE you work. 



Coordinate Plane Examples.