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The Devil's Arithmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic

Author: Melodie Wick

At the end of this Tutorial, students will be able to:

1.  Recall the definition of the term historical fiction.

2. Define the term genre

3. Relate several examples of the term literary genre.

4. Recall two specific settings for the novel.

5. Students will be able to quiz themselves about this tutorial.

6. Students will be directed to the "Quizlet" site and further their study of vocabulary found in the novel.

This tutorial will review the terms historical fiction, genre, and setting. It will also send students to my quzlet site which will help them understand and correctly pronounce the English and German words they will find in the novel.

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This Powerpoint will review the following terms: setting, historical fiction, genre, as well as directing students to my quzlet site which will help them with the pronunciation, definition and spelling of the English and German vocabulary they may have trouble understanding.

Source: The Devil's Arithmetic Puffin Books, Quizlet,