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The difference between your and you're.

The difference between your and you're.

Author: Matt Johnson

Quickly and easily define the difference between you're and your.

In this packet I give a few examples and easy ways to know the difference in how to properly user you're and your.

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Your Vs. You're | Definitions



Your - possessive – Belonging to the person the speaker is addressing.
You’re – a contraction of “you” and “are”
Correct: You’re about to run off the road, watch where you're going.  

Incorrect: Your on the right path, keep it up. 
Correct: Your cell phone just fell out of your pocket.  

Incorrect: Thank you for letting me use you're cell phone.  

The easiest way for me to remember this is simply slowing down and asking, would I say you are here if not saying you're.  If it sounds wrong, and you're meaning to talk about something belonging to somebody, you'll know right away which version of your or you're to use.