The different Uses of Ser/Estar and Emotions

The different Uses of Ser/Estar and Emotions

Author: Audra Castello

California State Standard: 1.0 Students use language in highly predictable common daily settings. 

Today we will learn about the various uses of Ser and Estar. Both mean "to be" but one can be a variety of things. We will learn how to properly conjugate both verbs and apply it to given situations. Finally, we will learn how to express ourselves using the verb Estar.

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When would we use Ser and Estar? Don't they mean the same?!

How to express emotions through using the verb Estar

In this video we will learn about different ways to express how we feel emotionally.

If you need more help!!

Just in case you need more help please listen to this video!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0o5FK3TZCs



Now that you guys have mastered the various uses of Ser and Estar let's show off what we know!

Using either your personal cell phone or software of your choosing, make an audio recording of yourself describing how you feel (using Estar) and make sure to describe at least 3 things ( this can be a person, place or thing) when you are done send it to my email.