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4 Tutorials that teach The Early Renaissance in Florence
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The Early Renaissance in Florence

The Early Renaissance in Florence

Author: Aleisha Olson
Identify key characteristics of art from the Early Renaissance in Italy.
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Image of Masacio, Holy Trinity, Public Domain,,_trinit%C3%A0.jpg; Image of Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac, Creative Commons,; Image of Brunelleschi, Sacrifice of Isaac, Creative Commons,; Image of Donatello, David, Creative Commons,; Image of Donatello, Saint Mark, Creative Commons,


Terms to Know
Linear Perspective

A form of perspective in which the lines of manmade objects (roads, buildings) are at right angles to the picture plane and converge toward a vanishing point.


An artistic approach that involves reproducing objects as they appear to the eye. This term is often used in art history as a substitute for realistic, to avoid any confusion with realism as an artistic movement.


In mathematics, two lines or curves are orthogonal if they are perpendicular or at right angles at the point of intersection.

Vanishing Point

The point on the horizon where the straight lines of linear perspective converge. The two sides of a road appear to come together at the vanishing point.