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The Endocrine System

The Endocrine System

Author: Aaron Mullally

To bring forth an understand of the endocrine system

I start out by discussing some basic cell biology and physiologic concepts related to the endocrine system. From here I will branch out onto more specific topics gland by gland

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Introduction to the Endocrine System and Endocrine Physiology

This is an important video to watch. I go over the differences between the endocrine and nervous systems and the discuss how the endocrine system works part by part. Make sure you watch this before you watch any of the other videos I will put up about the endocrine system. Also an expert from my Youtube section:

"This is an overview of endocrine system physiology. I completely forgot to mention, my apologies, that steroid hormones are also slower in eliciting a cellular response than peptide hormones. Steroid hormone responses include transcription and translation and then a physiologic response while peptide hormones activate inactive secondary messengers that interact with enzymes that are already within the cystol. Steroid hormones also tend to stay bound to their receptors longer than peptides which is another reason why they are slower to be cleared."

Source: Self made video for the Youtube channel bullharrier