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The Endocrine System: Unit 8

The Endocrine System: Unit 8

Author: Nate Holz
  • Define hormone and target organ.
  • Describe how hormones bring about their effects in the body.
  • Describe the various endocrine glands.
  • Define negative feedback.
  • Describe the difference between endocrine and exocrine glands.
  • List hormones produced by the endocrine glands, and discuss their general functions.
  • Describe major consequences of hyper and hypo secretion of the hormones described in this unit.


A four part powerpoint on the endocrine system and a couple of video clips...

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Class Log for Endocrine System

Wednesday (3/1): Had the test on the senses but we also picked which group we would be in for the endocrine system presentations. No handouts.

Friday (3/3): I did a short presentation on steroid use in body building and handed out two papers; Are Steroids Worth the Risk (4 pages) and a endocrine gland/hormone label diagram. We spent the rest of the period on the chrome books creating our presentation.

Monday (3/6): Handed out two papers; An endocrine gland labeling diagram, and a word search/review paper. I also presented part 1 and part 2 of my notes - see below.

Wednesday (3/8): Again, handed out two papers; a 1 page paper called "Endocrine System Homework," and a two page paper called, "Corticosterioids: a Miracle drug..." Also watched Hank in Crash Course (see video below) and we started the group presentations on the system.

Friday (3/10): Groups presented in all classes. 4th period had a guest speaker on ultrasound. Also handed out two, 9 page extra credit handouts on the endocrine system - the test is online. 

Monday (3/13): 2-4-6 Day. Lab: Rat Dissection

Wednesday (3/15): Every 15'. Periods 2,4 had part 1 notes on Blood and watched two videos on same (see both below.) Received permission slip for blood typing.

Friday (3/17): Teacher Work Day - No School

Unit 8 Assignments (The Endocrine System)

Source: Bob Grove

Main Notes - Endocrine System (Four Parts)

This is a four part powerpoint: Part 1 looks at the system as a whole, hormones, negative feedback, and the pituitary gland. Part 2 goes into more detail on the pituitary gland. Part 3 looks at the thyroid, parathyroids, and adrenal glands, as well as the pancreas and diabetes. Part 4 looks at the pineal, thymus, ovaries, and testes, with a quick look at anabolic sterioids.

Source: Modified from biologycorner

The Endocrine System

A video that describes the endocrine system and how it relates to homeostasis and hormones like insulin. Short and clear video.

Source: Produced by Project NEURON at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Crash Course Anatomy: Endocrine System, Part 1

Source: Hank Green and CrashCourse

Crash Course Anatomy: Endocrine System, Part 2

Source: Hank Green and CrashCourse

Body Building - Steroid Use or Abuse...

A look at various body builders that begs the question...steroid use and/or abuse...

Source: Bob Grove

10 Body Builders Took it To Far

Anabolic STEROIDS in Sports and Bodybuilding

STEROIDS Documentary 2015

Source: Standard Youtube License

Women Body Building to Extreme

Top 10 Women that took bodybuilding to the extreme. Mrs Olympia 2015 anyone?

The Endocrine System: The Other Glands

A look at the many glands that make up the endocrine system besides the pituitary gland.

Source: HEAT Inc

ASAP Science: Why Are Teens So Moody?

Source: ASAP Science

ASAP Science: The Science of Boobs

Source: ASAP Science

ASAP Science: We Are All Female

Source: ASAP Science

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