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The Enlightenment 7th grade

The Enlightenment 7th grade

Author: Tina Wang

This tutorial will give a basic overview of a few ideas during the enlightenment and most of the thinkers during that time.

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Marie Wollstonecraft

She argued for more rights for women's education and that they should be treated equally. Her daughter interestingly is the author of the book Frankenstein!


Rousseau believed people are being civilized corrupted people. The strongest take over and make everyone else follow their unfair laws.

He believed the best government was direct democracy- free people all came to an agreement on rules


He looked to England as inspiration of seperation of powers keeping any 1 person or group from having all the power. Having 3 branches of government means 2 are always keeping the other one in check

Inspires the US government.


Voltaire's real name is Francis Marie Arouet, he used humor to pick on society's behaviors. He has been sent to jail 2 times then sent out of the country for insulting the church, the wealthy, and the government.

He believed in tolerance, reason, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.


Locke is basically the opposite of Hobbes. He believed that people are born with natural rights and could govern themselves better than a government.

Locke wrote that people learn from their mistakes and that the government is there to protect human rights. If they don't they can be over threw by the people.


Hobbes was an enlightenment thinker he believed all humans are born naturally evil and selfish and could only cause destruction. He believed the only way for humans to obtain peace and order is if they give up their rights and be lead by a strong ruler.