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The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch

Author: Raquel Chavira

HSS 3.4 Students understand the role of rules and laws in our daily lives and basic structure of U.S. government 

4. Understand the three branches of government with an emphasis on local government

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The Executive Branch

We have gone over the judicial and legislative branch, now it is time for you to learn about the executive branch. Remember, all three branches are equal in power. 


This fun video will give you more information on the executive branch. Watch the video after listening to the podcast.


Listen to this podcast and move on to the next step

The Big Question

Now that you have watched the video, listened to the podcast, and completed the quiz, I would like for you to write a five sentence paragraph answering the following question:

With the new information you just learned about the executive branch, what is something that you would do to better the country?