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The Fertile Crescent

The Fertile Crescent


SWBAT explain how the rivers of Southwest Asia supported the growth of civilization. 

SWBAT explain how new farming techniques led to the growth of cities. 

In doing so, SWBAT recognize that the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were the site of the world's first civilizations. 

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The First Nomads

If you were a nomad who wanted to settle down and stay in one place, what type of place would you look for? What would you need to think about?


Source: The Story of the World - Susan Wise Bauer

The Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia Map

Mesopotamia means "between the rivers".


1. Which two rivers is Mesopotamia between?

2. Why do you think early people would settle in this area?


Close Reading for "Irrigation" text

Following the 3rd read of the text, you will use the Word Map to further investigate "irrigation".


Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella



Word Map


Source: Read Write Think

Picture of the Day

What observations can you make?

What inferences can you make?

Ancient Mesopotamia Song By Mr. Nicky

MrNickyChicago's Video with Pictures

Mr. Nicky makes a promotional appearance in this video - very exuberant.

Mesopotamia From Nomads to Farmers

Ancient Sumerian Civilization

The Epic of Gilgamesh from Star Trek - The Next Generation episode

Inventions and Discoveries in Ancient Mesopotamia (Part 1)

Inventions and Discoveries in Ancient Mesopotamia (Part 2)

The Fertile Crescent Civilization Rap


The ABC's of Mesopotamia