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The Five Themes of Geography

The Five Themes of Geography

Author: Vanessa Chheang


Grade 6 Social Studies

6.G.1.1 Explain how the physical features and human characteristics of a place influenced the development of civilizations, societies and regions (e.g., location near rivers and natural barriers, trading practices and spread of culture).

6.G.1.2 Explain the factors that influenced the movement of people, goods and ideas and the effects of that movement on societies and regions over time (e.g., scarcity of resources, conquests, desire for wealth, disease and trade).

6.G.1.3 Compare distinguishing characteristics of various world regions (e.g., physical features, culture, political organization and ethnic make-up).

6.G.1.4 Explain how and why civilizations, societies and regions have used, modified and adapted to their environments (e.g., invention of tools, domestication of plants and animals, farming techniques and creation of dwellings).

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This video explains the five themes of geography.

Big Question

How can you relate the five themes of geography to your life? Give examples.

Type a 300 word response (Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced) and turn it in to class Friday.