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The flipped Classroom

The flipped Classroom

Author: Chris Melograna
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How to watch a Video for Understanding

This is a video done by Crystal Kirch, a math teacher in California, on how students should watch a video and take notes so they UNDERSTAND what is being presented.

Source: Crystal Kirch

Survey about initial thoughts on Flipped Classroom

This google form you will fill out in the computer lab, on Thursday Sept. 6. Please provide your honest thoughts and opinions about the flipped classroom thus far. When done, you can move ahead and watch the following videos on "Demo of the flipped classroom," and "Demo of self-check quiz" and then fill out the google form for these videos. All of these google forms must be filled by class tomorrow.

Demo of the Flipped Classroom in Action!

The following tutorial goes over how a student can access all of the videos, notesheets, google forms and self-check quizzes for Mr. Mel's flipped math classroom

Demo of self-check quiz (continuation from last video)

This is a very short video which picks up right where I left off the last video. It shows how students can take a self-check quiz as many times as they want and the score will be emailed to me to put in Genesis.

Google form on all 3 videos

This google form must be filled out for homework on Thursday, September 6th.