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The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom

Author: Susan Ross
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Flipped Learning

                        Susan M. Ross
                           INTC 2610

The Flipped Classroom - Simply Speaking

Watch this video to get an overview of what a Flipped Classroom is. How would you define Flipped Learning?

Source: Flipping the Classroom - Simply Speaking

My Flipped Classroom

Watch this Prezi presentation which was created for educators to explain the hows and whys of flipping the classroom. It includes specific examples of how a teacher flips her classroom.

Introducing the Flipped Classroom to Students

This is a nice example of a teacher-made video one educator produced to explain to his incoming students how the flipped class concept will work in his own classroom.

Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom - why it has to be me!

This middle school math teacher has created a whole series of FAQ videos about flipped class implementation. In this video, she explains why she makes her own videos as opposed to using videos made by others.

WSQ - Watch-Summarize-Question

Watch-Summarize-Question (WSQ) is a commonly used classroom structure for flipped learning that allows students to demonstrate their understanding and questions from viewing flipped videos. Crystal Kirch flips her math classes and shares great explanations of ways to have students WSQ at home as well as how to use WSQ in class.

Source: Flipping with Kirch

TeacherView Survey on Flipped Learning

Many teachers are Flipping their classrooms. This infographic explains what teachers have reported about their experiences with Flipped Learning. What do you think is the most compelling reason to Flip?



Reflections on Flipped Classroom

What are some challenges teachers face when implementing Flip Learning? Refreshingly candid reflections from ed tech star and high school biology teacher Paul Anderson about the challenges he dealt with during his last few years of trying out the flipped classroom model.

WSQ Form

Complete and submit you answers after viewing the information about Flipped Learning.