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The Flipped Classroom Resources

The Flipped Classroom Resources


To provide a resource for teachers who want to integrate the use of technology into their classroom to stop repeating themselves.

To provide information about flipping the classroom. 


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My Inquiry Journey

This is an overview of my Inquiry Process.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella using PowerPoint

Sample Sophia Tutorial

This is a Sophia Tutorial I created. It includes a screencast created using the iPad app Explain Everything and a Google Form.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella

Katie Gimbar's Video "Why it has to be me!"

Katie Gimbar is an 8th grade math teacher in North Carolina. Her video "Why it has to be me!" made me realize why it is important for me to create my own "lecture series" (direct instruction videos), rather than outsource them from places such as Khan Academy. She encourages teachers to watch other people's videos - to use them to learn from and to augment instruction, but explains why it is important for each teacher to create his/her own content.

Dr. Lodge McCammon - "Why this Method?"

There are so many ways to create lecture videos. I especially like this method because of the five reasons Dr. Lodge McCammon discusses in the video. Dr. Lodge and Katie Gimbar offer a FREE online Flipped Classroom Training Program through the Friday Institute at North Carolina State University. I am excited to be participating in this program beginning June 8th! See link below.

The FIZZ Project

The FIZZ project is all about using extremely simple “1-take” video to transform teaching and learning.  You will find everything you need to begin flipping your classroom.

The FIZZ Flipped Classroom Training Program (FCTP) focuses on improving teacher quality by emphasizing the importance of efficiency, reflective practice, and relationships.


Crystal Kirch's "My Flipped Classroom" Prezi Presentation

Crystal Kirch is a high school math teacher in Southern California who has been flipping her class for two years. Her blog is a great resource for information about Flipping the Classroom. In this Prezi Presentation, Kirch gives us a glimpse into her flipped classroom.

iPad Apps for Creating Screencast Lessons

In addition to being able to create your own screencasts, these app websites are great resources for finding videos to use in your classroom. The ShowMe website even has common core aligned lessons that are organized by standard. You can easily find YouTube videos on how to use these apps or on the app website itself. 

1. Explain Everything  - This is the iPad app I used to create most of my tutorials. Of the three I've included here, this app has the most options.

2. ShowMe - I like the ShowMe app because of its simplicity.  It is great for students to use to record themselves solving a math problem and explaining their thinking.  This is a great assessment tool.

3. Educreations - This is another app that needs to be mentioned - simple and easy to learn.  


How to Get Started with

Watch this video to help you get started creating your first Sophia Tutorial.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella using Screencast-o-matic

How to Insert a Video into a Sophia Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to insert a video into a Sophia Tutorial.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella using Screencast-o-matic

How to Create a Google Form and Embed it into a Sophia Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to create a google form and then embed it into a Sophia Tutorial.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella using Screencast-o-matic

How to Use Edmodo as a Central Hub

Edmodo can be used as a class website. This video shows you have to post an assignment on Edmodo that takes students to a Sophia Tutorial.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella using Screencast-o-matic

Screencast-o-matic Tutorial

This is a tutorial I found on you tube on how to use screencast-o-matic. I used screencast-o-matic to record all of the screencasts in this tutorial. You can also just go to the screencast-o-matic website for simple tutorial.

How to Download a YouTube Video

This video will show you how to download a YouTube video so that you can use it in classrooms that block YouTube.

Source: Created by Sarah Scamardella using Screencast-O-Matic