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The French Revolution

The French Revolution


Standard -

10.2.4 – Explain how the Ideology of the French Revolution led France to develop from constitutional monarchy to democratic despotism to the Napoleonic empire.

This standard is directed to tenth graders in a World History class.

Objective - Students will be able to identify three events leading to the French Revolution, by reading text, viewing an image and viewing a four-minute online video on the origins of the French Revolution.

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Background to the French Revolution

Click on the following hyperlink:

After clicking on the hyperlink and read the headings titled "Prelude to the French Revolution: Monarchy in Crisis" and "The French Revolution at Versailles: Rise of the Third Estated." Take notes while you read.

Source: French Revolution. (n.d.). Retrieved October 3, 2015, from

The Three Estates in France

Click on the following hyperlink:

After clicking on the hyperlink look at the picture that describes the three different Estates and take notes on what social classes are involved in each estate.

Source: Cause of the French Revolution (Part 1). (2012, November 12). Retrieved October 3, 2015, from

Origins of the French Revolution

Take notes while you watch this video.

Source: Origins of the French Revolution. (n.d.). Retrieved October 3, 2015, from