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The Future of Distance Education

The Future of Distance Education

Author: Doris Kirby

Distance education is the act of learning without being physically present in a school. It is also referred to as online learning. This mode of learning is gradually becoming dominant as most educational institutions, teachers, and some higher education students see it as an easier way to learn. In fact, certificates gotten from online courses are now accepted in many companies as long as the employee meets the job requirements.

That said, we will be discussing the future of distance education and how it would affect the entire education methods around the world. Let's explore more.

The Future of Distance Education:

 - The introduction of virtual reality

In recent times, people have embraced the use of virtual reality, and it will work well to improve the future of online education. The good thing about virtual reality for distance education is that it allows the learning to concentrate on the subject area as students will be in their homes even to study a distance course. For example, in a history class, instead of learning theoretically about ancient cities like Rome, they get to experience the entire Roman environment without leaving the comfort of their home. And that’s one of the powers of distance education.

 - The introduction of more interactive communication

Many people often complain that online learning limits communication and interaction. For this reason, several online platforms have improved their entire communication experience by incorporating communication media for a more interactive learning session. This would also aid the learning processes.

 - Academic research papers will be easier to research and write
Distance learning has made it easy to conduct research since information can be gotten from the internet. Hence, writing academic papers is now less challenging. In fact, there are review on top research paper writing companies you can work with if you want to buy a research paper. However, you must do some background checks and a detailed review before you entrust your paper to any writing service. If you want the best research paper help, it is mandatory that you work with top-rated research paper writing services.

 - Better networking opportunities
Unlike traditional educational systems, it is easier to communicate and network with better minds. If you intend to communicate with top research and experts in your academy, it will be easier to send them a direct message and communicate effectively. Virtual communications have taken over, and it has become an effective way to meet, communicate, and get better in your education.

In other words, you do not have to physically meet people that you respect or value their work before you can establish contact with them. You can achieve this by using various online platforms to work and get the best learning experience possible.

 - The use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for a customized learning experience

The future of distance education will witness the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data systems for a better learning experience. This will help the course providers and organizations track what content people are interested in and improve the overall learning efficiency.

The presence of Big Data and AI will be effective because it will encourage predictive analysis. Educators will begin to automatically know what their users want and tune their content for them. This will give everyone the best learning experience. Before 2025, scientists and educators around the world have predicted that the AI in online learning will grow by 50%.

 - Distance education platforms will be more mobile-friendly

In recent times, we have seen that there are more mobile users for several software applications than desktop or web users. This is the main reason why various online platforms incorporate their web services into mobile-friendly applications.

With these mobile applications, learners can acquire knowledge at their convenience. This will also help educators and instructors monitor the students' performance quickly and in real-time. Currently, over 60% of organizations around the world offer mobile learning for their users because they know it will help them learn better.


The future of distance education will change the trajectory of both formal and informal learning across the world. This will give students a wider learning experience they will always gain from.

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