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The Geometric Probability Model

The Geometric Probability Model

Author: Al Greene

- Introduce Bernoulli Trials
- Demonstrate how to use the geometric probability model to calculate expected value (mean), standard deviation, and probability
- Review the assumptions and conditions that are necessary for using a geometric probability model

This packet shows you the Geometric probability model, its mean, standard deviation, and formula for computing probabilities. There is a powerpoint with definitions, a video of examples, and examples for you to do on your own.

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What's in this packet

This packet introduces you to the geometric probability model, which is a combination of Bernoulli trials. Some terms that may be new are:


  • Bernoulli Trials
  • The Geometric Probability Model

Source: Greene

The Geometric Probability Model

This powerpoint shows the mean, variance, standard deviation, and probability formulas for the geometric probability distribution.

Source: Greene

Geometric Distribution

This video shows you how the geometric distribution is defined, how to find probabilities for the geometric distribution, and examples of finding probabilities for different distributions.